What do you need for the perfect holiday? 5 new cassettes from Zeon Light? Ok, you got it! Next week you can put your hands on beauties as Råd Kjetil Senza Testa, eluna, HGHCLR, NATTEN & Sum Comfort. From epic nordic ambient via dreamy pop to some breathtaking hiphop. Woha, got you all in check!

The laziness of the Zeon Light

Hi there

Zeon Light is totally sorry for being away from this page.

Lots of things are happening. Both in the cassette world of ZL but also other things. Together with friends we´re arranging this festival Psykjunta. Including acts like Dungen, Lisa & Kroffe, NATTEN, Merit Hemmingson, Skeppet and many others. Please check it. It´ll be a killer festival for sure!

And what about the Zeon Light? Please check our Bandcamp or Facebook to get all the new information.

But upcoming stuff on Zeon Light: Sum Comfort, Chicagojazzen, Råd Kjetil Senza Testa, Kitchen Sink Sound, Pär Thörn & Martin Küchen, eluna, High Color and more!

And do not miss the fresh ones from Johan G Winther, Differnet and Testbild! to mention a few.