New song & cassette from By Coastal Café!

The new cassette from lofi-masters By Coastal Café will be out this very saturday. Yes, on the Cassette Store Day and if you´re in Malmö you can pick up your own copy at Rundgång. And there´ll be alot of Zeon Light stuff at Rundgång and also at Larrys Corner (Stockholm) this saturday. Do not miss.

But now back to the tape! It contains 24 songs in 31 minutes. Some released and some not. All great. Here is a song called In The Morning. The video is made by good old Inte Vara Trött.


New tape from NATTEN!

Yes, you heard it right friends of the night! NATTEN is back with a new cassette on Zeon Light. And later on you can find Evela on vinyl. Tell you more about that later. Or check NATTEN´s Facebook-page for updates about this.

You can find a different cover for the cassette and that´s not all that differ! Hell no! On this strictly limited cassette edition you can find a track (Rissne Session: 13 minutes 11 seconds of pure psykonautdisko) that not will be included on the vinyl OR will be availible as digital download. So you better hurry up now and get 1 of those 28 numbered copies of NATTEN – Evela. Mail: urberget741 [@]

<p><a href=”″>NATTEN – Framtiden</a> from <a href=””>NATTEN</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Holy new tape year!

The lazyness is off and new tapes is to be dubbed!

Zeon Light have some lovely stuff in the pipeline. Be ready for this: the french mastermind Mascara Snake, a split from Stockholms finest Saigon and Fluorescent Heights, something weirdo from legendary Paddington DC, a synthetic spectrum from Alan Hansen and some classic space from Buenos Aires Oliwa. Just to mention a few things. So please dance the night away and spread the word!