5 new tapes this very day!

What a thursday. What a morning. Today [130117] we´re putting out 5 new cassettes. 5 cassettes in different length and style. From Oliwas futuristic ambient via the prefect blend of John Maus & Colder by Brooklyns Arc Light via the dark poppy cassingle from Malmös Heat and White via the screwed rhytms from Santa Fe New Mexicos Soft Parts to Tidlös urbanic dubby techno.

5 cassettes that brings back the ! to 2013. As we are capitalistic swines we really want to sell those cassettes to you. If you´re located in Sweden you can get them all by paying 200 svenska krona and that includes the work by the postman. Just mail urberget741 [@] gmail.com and we´ll fix it a.s.a.p. If you´re located in let´s say France or the You Es Of Ey: mail and we´ll fix a perfect deal: urberget741 [@] gmail.com And if you just want 1 or 2 tapes. Just mail for info. And you can also use our BANDCAMP-page.

And this is how they sound and what they look like:

the tapesoliwaArc Light Soft PartsHeat and WhiteTidlös

Oliwa / Rituals [zeon light 017]

Right now were spending our time in the woods drinking beer and watching football but we just have to inform you about the new cassette from the genius from Buenos Aires, OLIWA. We just love this guy and his work with the synthesizers. And as we are in the woods there is no tapes dubbed yet but we want you to hear this masterpiece so we share it to you guys in a boring digital form first. And the psychical real one is done in a couple of weeks.

So, get a grip on this beauty now on our Bandcamp and DO NOT MISS that you now can download almost every release for free!

4 (5) fresh cassettes!

Yes, now you can order 4 (5) new tapes with that ZEON LIGHT-sign.

Zeon Light 005 (c20) is a split with the synthetic wonderboy Fluorescent Heights that just keep on releasing tropical drones from heaven. On the b-side you can find 3 tracks from swedish Saigon that makes something completley different and it´s hard to describe their music cause the three songs sounds very different. Well, it´s killer. 6$

Zeon Light oo6 is the newie from Alan Hansen – I Vilddjurets Blick (c15) that gives some kosmishe arppop. 5$


oo7 is Oliwa – Panamerican (c30). Oliwa hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and on this tape you can have some heavy spacesynth with Vangelis as a friend in kosmos. Well, you can see the movie in front of you. Just perfect stuff! 6$

The french gentlemen Mascara Snake and his tape Lonely as a cloud (c30) is Zeon Light oo8. Here we got 9 tracks of pure beauty. Mostly there is just a voice and a guitar even if you can find some sound effcts here and then. Amazing tape. 6$

And don´t you forget the lovely (also new) cassingle from NATTEN. Something like a discodrone? Do NOT miss. 5$

How to order those goodies then? Just write a mail to urberget741 [@] gmail.com


And first of all: take a sneaky listen at our Soundcloud HERE. 5 Tracks of true Zeon Light.