3 new tapes out right now!

Today we put out 3 fantastic tapes in the windy air.

Glenn & Glenn


Råd Kjetil Senza Testa.

They´re all fantastic and a must in your cassette bag.

You can find them all at our Bandcamp.

And do not forget that Chicagojazzen will release the new album this very thursday.



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4 new heavies

bild(10)Hi there

We´re totally glad to present 4 new albums this very day! Both on cassette and in digital shape. Please take a listen!

eluna | drömmar och andra fobier (zeon light 037)

HGHCLR | WAVES (zeon light 038)

NATTEN | Dhalion (zeon light 039)

Sum Comfort | Waiting To Exhale (zeon Light 040)


Get them/listen to them all H E R E


upcoming on Zeon Light: Råd Kjetil Senza Testa | Chicagojazzen | Martin Küchen/Pär Thörn | Kitchen Sink Sounds | Folkmun


A short update.

We got some lovely news to tell you guys. In a couple of weeks we´ll have 5 new releases to present:

Zeon Light 012 Heat and White (c15) malmö
Zeon Light 013 Linear Bells (c45) france
Zeon Light 014 Mia Voltag (c35) us
Zeon Light 015 Bird Paradigma (c30) portugal
Zeon Light 016 J Granlund/Solo Archivist (c30) växjö

5 totally different cassettes. From glitchy pop to ambient to synthpop ala the 80´s to some pianonoise to some beachy pop ambient.


Then we got this bonus thing going on. Tell you more about that later but the picture is a clue!

And check our Bandcamp! Click HERE.


Another 3 cassettes

It was a shiny Sunday in mid-March. It was time for Zeon Light to release some new cassettes, so it was done.

Köp alla 3 kassetterna för 100 pix och då ingår portot.

All three tapes 20 $ (postage included).

Mail: urberget741 (@) gmail.com

Harmony & T – Nightwalk / c15 / Zeon Light 009 / 6$

Tidlös – Tid och position  / c35 / Zeon Light 010 / 7$

Folkmun – Weckoskildringar / c35 / Zeon Light 011 / 7$