5 new tapes out this very day…

IMG_1609Lovely stuff from our friends: Lisa Ulfves, Skymningslandet, SKOGAR, Daniel Fagerström & Jonas Röde. Get them at our bandcamp. 8$/each or the whole batch for 32$. Enjoy!


Lots of new tapes!

Been way to lazy updating here but we´ve released some great tapes lately.


Motormännen | Informationstechno | zeon light 065 | OUT TODAY

a0279799198_10Motormännen | Informationstechno | zeon light 065

Informationstechno från ett svunnet Sverige, genom ett filter av retrofuturistisk skepsism.
Detta är Motormännen.

zeon light 065, 2014

”Järnet, stålet, plåten och välfärden”

Also on Spotify: 

Run to the hills to get some new Zeon Light tapes…

We´ve released some stuff that we forgot to tell you here!

OCH | ETT (zeon light 049)


eluna | Trädgårdsmästarinnans Tillförlitliga Tillflykt (zeon light 054)


MVP skafferi

Most Valuable Players | Audio Anyways 1 | A table of crippled units (zeon light 056)


Most Valuable Players | Audio Anyways 2 | On The Flying Balcony (zeon light 057)

Eric Malmberg is in the house



ericThis album is not a new one. It is originally a cdr edition (RNNR 003) as Henrik Kihlberg released on his excellent label Rocket Number Nine Records year 2000. The edition was short. Henrik remembers it as maybe 20-30 copies. The pieces have been forgotten til that day when Henrik ripped an old cd and the idea came up that this was so great that more people need to hear it. Zeon Light is so incredibly grateful that Henrik and especially Eric Malmberg (who do not always want to look back) made this cassette realized.


jin&daun | kurdish electronic meditation (zeon light 048)

Out this saturday but up for grabs right now.

j&dJIN&DAUN are the duo of Jin Botani & Rickard Daun that started out in 2013. Some synths, keyboards, drums, flute, harmonica or whatever suits to create the mood for their KURDISH ELECTRONIC MEDITATION music.

all instruments by jin botani & rickard daun
home recordings in malmö 2013
mixed by rickard daun
mastered by martin nordbeck


c a s s e t t e & d i g i t a l

3 new tapes out right now!

Today we put out 3 fantastic tapes in the windy air.

Glenn & Glenn


Råd Kjetil Senza Testa.

They´re all fantastic and a must in your cassette bag.

You can find them all at our Bandcamp.

And do not forget that Chicagojazzen will release the new album this very thursday.



bild (1) bild (2) bild (3) bild

The new Chicagojazzen is up for streaming!

bildYes, our friends at Throw Me Away are streaming the new album Smittfebern from our pal Chicagojazzen. You can also read a interview with the mastermind himself. C L I C K


And you can now put a pre-order on the cassette. So, do! H E R E 




New song & cassette from By Coastal Café!

The new cassette from lofi-masters By Coastal Café will be out this very saturday. Yes, on the Cassette Store Day and if you´re in Malmö you can pick up your own copy at Rundgång. And there´ll be alot of Zeon Light stuff at Rundgång and also at Larrys Corner (Stockholm) this saturday. Do not miss.

But now back to the tape! It contains 24 songs in 31 minutes. Some released and some not. All great. Here is a song called In The Morning. The video is made by good old Inte Vara Trött.



It´s finally on it´s way! The long awaited tape with Chicagojazzen. Now you can listen (download) the track Renberg that shows a new side of the mighty Chicagojazzen. The cassette Smittfebern is planned to be released 7 september together with tapes by By Coastal Café, Glenn & Glenn, Kitchen Sink Sound, Råd Kjetil Senza Testa and Folkmun. Painting by Johannes Brander and saxophone by Lage Johansson. Enjoy!

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