Heavy rotation november

We´ve been listening to some great stuff this month as well.


COLDNOSE – TRANCEMANIA Tape (Funeral Fog Records, 2016)
Well no surprise, I have been listening a lot to this while mixing and editing. Its a rare combination of improvised Electro-Techno-Acid with Industrial elements and Kurdish melodies.

POLÉ – BESOMBES-RIZET LP (Gonzai Records, 2015 (1975))
Best music Ive heard for a long time, been looking for some of there re-issues since this summer when I heard a track on Anthony Chalmers (Baba Yaga´s Hut) radio program. Since I bought it was the only record I spinned for two days, and thats really rarely for me. For fans of early Kraftwerk and Heldon!

VED – OMNIKRON LP (Höga Nord Records, 2016)
Yes Swedens best liveband finally release a new LP, more dub and less oriental tunes. It make me think about one of my previous best live bands in Sweden – Holiday For Strings. 

Underwater Electro-Techno.




I love Yoko and this track is amazing.


One of the strongest swedish album this year. Always been a fan of El Perro. This one is pop but with a twist. classical Asian and Middle Eastern instruments such as the Chinese stringed guzheng, the Japanese shakuhachi, and various other flutes and strings that fits her pop perfect.


Very trippy Canadian group whose use of electronics was years ahead of its time! These guys are neither proggy nor noisy – and instead use a range of keyboards and analogue synthesizers in wonderfully varied styles. Beauty!


Blends Afro-space grooves, cowbell and swirling organ with psych guitar and punchy horns. Party all over!


MAG – MAGNITUDE – Surplus Recordings / Zeon Light Skiva_006 – 2016

mag-framZeon Light Skiva är mycket glada över att få vara en del av MAGs Magnitude.

MAG är Magdalena Ågrens soloprojekt, då hon även spelar med bandet Sork och duon Trapped in a Loop. MAG har varit aktivt i 8 år då trion Surplus People somnade in. Sedan dess har MAG gjort över 100 livespelningar. Från norr till söder (i Sverige) men även en tur över till USA och på senare år har hon även besökt Finland och Baltikum. Imorgon då skivan släpps så startar även en Frankrike- och Englandsturné för att fira skivan.


mag-bakSkivan har MAG valt att kalla Magnitude, 11 starka låtar, där man känner igen många låtar om man har upplevt henne live. Processen har tagit tid, men bra musik blir som ni vet aldrig gammal. I fem år har musiken spelats in, mestadels i en isolerad stuga i Jordala. En av låtarna är inspelade i Björn Stegmanns forna studio Tongeneration i Malmö, han har även mixat de flesta av låtarna.

Musiken då, den är svårbeskriven och punkig, brusig, melodiös, rytmisk och skör på en och samma gång. Men så som artisten själv beskriver ger en bra känsla “en kravlös utgångspunkt från inspiration av bandet Philemon Arthur and the Dung men utvecklades till MAGs egna stil där ljudet av en kaffekokare blandas med Arthurs distade trombon, brötig sång och en skramlig trummaskin. Den skeva ljudbilden varvas med vackra sångmelodier, körer och en gigantisk lo-fi orkester som marscherar till elektroniska ljud är både desperat och skör. Musiken utforskar gränsen mellan populärkultur och experimentell ljudkonst där det förutsägbara kontrasteras mot det oförutsägbara och därför något svår att genrebestämma.”

Skivan släpps via MAGs egna etikett Surplus Recordings och Zeon Light Skiva.

MAG live.

If in France or U.K, do not miss her shows (click the poster).



Under heavy supadupa rotation october 16

Once a month (hopefully) we share some music influences with you. That´s just the way we are. xx /zls

JOCKE loves:

JONATHAN – S/T (AAR, 1978)

Heard this for the first time this week and got blown away. With some serious beat and synth dusty fingers style. Krautambient with a touch of funk! Got it?

blago bung – Fenix, tiger och drake i förening (upcoming cassette on zeon light kassett)

Finally this one will be out from the closet. Some great postpunk (with focus on pop) with weird vocals and some fluffy synth. Amazing stuff. Recorded in the 80´s.

Helsingfors MP3

FRKWYS Vol. 13: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani – Sunergy (RVNG, 2016)

Music made in a temple full of Buchla. Just lay down and feel it.

Sternpost – STATUES ASLEEP (Kalligrammofon #34, 2016)

Upcoming album from Petter Herbertsson (Testbild!). Just heard two songs until now but I know this will be one of this years highlights. Dark, orchestrated solipsist pop filmed in pseudoscope.

DAUN in october:

BAD TIMES – S/T (Sympathy for the record Industry, 1998)

September had some bad times, so I needed some Bad Times! Jay Reatard spin off project that recorded one record and played live once, and u dont need more!

LEE PERRY – BLACK ARK IN DUB (Esoldun, 1977)

The first Perry album I bought is still my favourite, killer tracks as Jah, Lion, Camp, Ethiopia and the final ”ballad” Grumbling. Always play this album when flying, dont know why but it makes me relax.

KATLA – EMBRYO (Svart records, 2016)

Finally! It took about two years to get this out, and it was worth waiting. Proper 70´s flirt with Hard Rock, Psych and Spacerock.



Two 12″ EP from Gothenburgs finest that shakes up some summer vibe, tropical funk with a Swedish touch.

Under Heavy Rotation august 16

The monthly ”Under Heavy Rotation”, Joakim and Rickard from Zeon Light Skiva lists three to four things each they have enjoyed during the last month.


Joakim >>


Six lovely cuts of smooth coastal house. You got the bag full of tracing muted melodies with fog, bass, glass, rhythm, and reverb. Sounds like it’s put the sun in a bottle.


Swedish Oscar Tillman under the monicker Thunder Tillman. Some kinda krauty disco rocky drones. Just perfect for late summer nights. Keep an eye or two for a full length later on…

FREE AKTION – BE LOVE NOW (Half-Night, 2016) 

”FREE AKTION play music with a message, addressing personal growth as well as social change. It is a message of universal love and solidarity, self compassion and true equality. It draws its inspiration from teachers such as Ram Dass and Paramahansa Yogananda, as well as the inherent spirituality of house and disco.”


Often I end up in the Swedish 80s. I grew up in the swedish industrial and synth scene and I often look back there. Right now it´s Green’s Restaurant that catches my ear. However, without being industry or synth you can hear strings of it. He gave out lots of tapes so out and search!

Rickard >>

THE CONGOS – HEART OF THE CONGOS, 2CD (Blood & Fire, 1996)

For being one of my best and probably most played album of all time I still dont own this gem on the black gold! But you actually need this one for the extra tracks on the second cd. I never get bored of this album, even if I played it everyday at a shit industrial labour work some 15 years ago I still dont have bad memories to it.


Have been working on the computer a lot which demands long electronic cds, this is a great one to work to.

DEUTER – AUM, LP (Kuckuck, 1972)

Another piece of relaxing music for long hours in front of the computer, and I cant really get enough of using the sound of waves hitting the shore…

DAYDREAMING WITH STANLEY KUBRICK, Exhibition, London, Somerset House

A new exhibition, curated by Mo’Wax and UNKLE founder, artist and musician James Lavelle. Loaded with music, art and movies from about 50 artists.


Zeon_Light_Skiva 002_NATTEN

A couple of weeks ago Zeon Light Skiva released NATTEN Dolce Vita (ZLS_002).

nattenPsykonautdisko, that is how the band NATTEN describes their music, a combination of Psychedelia, Kraut and Disco with a dark and mysterious Swedish touch.

And for sure it´s some kinda of Disco with a steady drumbeat and throbbing bass lines.

On top of that layers of synthezisers and hypnotizing horns.

NATTEN means The Night in Swedish, and as the name refers to and esthetical the band is attracted to the dark realms of this world and the unknown places. Which is perfectly visualized in the two latest videos from Dolce Vita.

NATTEN are from Stockholm and have been around since 2010. The core of members is Robin Donaire, Beats & Electronics, Fredrik Adolfsson, Keyboards & Synthezisers, Jan Sydolf, Bass and Arvid Lärksäter on Trumpet & Saxophone. And for this record they have invited Wendy Akoth Kasera, Tove Rhodinder and Nadine Schjölin on vocals for some of the tracks.



Psykonauten 2011

Ödet och Frank Dux 2012

Evela 2012

Dhalion 2013

Dolce Vita 2016