4 years + 4 new tapes

Zeon Light releases 4 new tapes and celebrating 4 years smuggled cassettes into your hypnotic mind.

Slagg – Djurens karneval zeon light 079

Elin Franzén returns with her 2nd tape on Zeon Light. Less field, more music.

Blod – Exotic Sounds zeon light 086

Blod is the genius of Gustaf Dicksson (Höga Nord, OMLOTT). Tapeloops, flea market founds. Soon releasing album on Järtecknet.

Drömjournalen – In Visione Som En Eld I Stenkol zeon light 082

Drömjournalen is a two-man collaboration housed by the legendary Studio Chanslös in Gårda, Gothenburg. Their mix of Magische Sachlichkeit and Dark Wave engages non-duality, mathematic ecology,

and ready-at-hand psychonautic machinery. Drömjournalen is the limbonic domain connecting the rationalist engineering paradigm with spiritual or magical esoterism.

The main rehearsal line-up consists of digital synthesizer, electric guitar, speech synthesis and programmed beats. Drömjournalen utilizes a diverse flora of looping tools, mainly serial looping pedals connected to every sound source.

Although Drömjournalen is designed to be a live outfit, studio postproduction is also a creative component in the Drömjournalen aesthetic ecology.

Coldnose zeon light 083

Jin Botani is one part of Jin&Daun. As Coldnose she shows her more fancy side. Dirty acid magic beats.

A birthday card from Zeon Light Kassett

As becoming 4 years old we asked some of our friends to share a tune or two. So they did. 27 lovely songs free to download and make your own mixtape for your walkman.

You can find unheard songs from acts like Differnet, Motormännen, Testbild! Erik de Vahl, Tentakel, Chicagojazzen, Most Valuable Players and more!

Eric Malmberg is in the house



ericThis album is not a new one. It is originally a cdr edition (RNNR 003) as Henrik Kihlberg released on his excellent label Rocket Number Nine Records year 2000. The edition was short. Henrik remembers it as maybe 20-30 copies. The pieces have been forgotten til that day when Henrik ripped an old cd and the idea came up that this was so great that more people need to hear it. Zeon Light is so incredibly grateful that Henrik and especially Eric Malmberg (who do not always want to look back) made this cassette realized.


jin&daun | kurdish electronic meditation (zeon light 048)

Out this saturday but up for grabs right now.

j&dJIN&DAUN are the duo of Jin Botani & Rickard Daun that started out in 2013. Some synths, keyboards, drums, flute, harmonica or whatever suits to create the mood for their KURDISH ELECTRONIC MEDITATION music.

all instruments by jin botani & rickard daun
home recordings in malmö 2013
mixed by rickard daun
mastered by martin nordbeck


c a s s e t t e & d i g i t a l