Under Heavy Rotation august 16

The monthly ”Under Heavy Rotation”, Joakim and Rickard from Zeon Light Skiva lists three to four things each they have enjoyed during the last month.


Joakim >>


Six lovely cuts of smooth coastal house. You got the bag full of tracing muted melodies with fog, bass, glass, rhythm, and reverb. Sounds like it’s put the sun in a bottle.


Swedish Oscar Tillman under the monicker Thunder Tillman. Some kinda krauty disco rocky drones. Just perfect for late summer nights. Keep an eye or two for a full length later on…

FREE AKTION – BE LOVE NOW (Half-Night, 2016) 

”FREE AKTION play music with a message, addressing personal growth as well as social change. It is a message of universal love and solidarity, self compassion and true equality. It draws its inspiration from teachers such as Ram Dass and Paramahansa Yogananda, as well as the inherent spirituality of house and disco.”


Often I end up in the Swedish 80s. I grew up in the swedish industrial and synth scene and I often look back there. Right now it´s Green’s Restaurant that catches my ear. However, without being industry or synth you can hear strings of it. He gave out lots of tapes so out and search!

Rickard >>

THE CONGOS – HEART OF THE CONGOS, 2CD (Blood & Fire, 1996)

For being one of my best and probably most played album of all time I still dont own this gem on the black gold! But you actually need this one for the extra tracks on the second cd. I never get bored of this album, even if I played it everyday at a shit industrial labour work some 15 years ago I still dont have bad memories to it.


Have been working on the computer a lot which demands long electronic cds, this is a great one to work to.

DEUTER – AUM, LP (Kuckuck, 1972)

Another piece of relaxing music for long hours in front of the computer, and I cant really get enough of using the sound of waves hitting the shore…

DAYDREAMING WITH STANLEY KUBRICK, Exhibition, London, Somerset House

A new exhibition, curated by Mo’Wax and UNKLE founder, artist and musician James Lavelle. Loaded with music, art and movies from about 50 artists.


Zeon_Light_Skiva 002_NATTEN

A couple of weeks ago Zeon Light Skiva released NATTEN Dolce Vita (ZLS_002).

nattenPsykonautdisko, that is how the band NATTEN describes their music, a combination of Psychedelia, Kraut and Disco with a dark and mysterious Swedish touch.

And for sure it´s some kinda of Disco with a steady drumbeat and throbbing bass lines.

On top of that layers of synthezisers and hypnotizing horns.

NATTEN means The Night in Swedish, and as the name refers to and esthetical the band is attracted to the dark realms of this world and the unknown places. Which is perfectly visualized in the two latest videos from Dolce Vita.

NATTEN are from Stockholm and have been around since 2010. The core of members is Robin Donaire, Beats & Electronics, Fredrik Adolfsson, Keyboards & Synthezisers, Jan Sydolf, Bass and Arvid Lärksäter on Trumpet & Saxophone. And for this record they have invited Wendy Akoth Kasera, Tove Rhodinder and Nadine Schjölin on vocals for some of the tracks.



Psykonauten 2011

Ödet och Frank Dux 2012

Evela 2012

Dhalion 2013

Dolce Vita 2016

6 new fresh ones

FullSizeRender_118:18 and we´ve just put up the 6 new cassettes for pre-order. they´ll see it´s entire light 8th march.

get the whole batch for 35 $ or 7 $ each.
get it digital as well. the 6 new ones and 71 old ones = $21.30.

The new pals:
Hi Tom Low Tom > zeon light o78https://zeonlight.bandcamp.com/album/hi-tom-low-tom

Oliwa > zeon light o84 https://zeonlight.bandcamp.com/album/patagon

Klangfärg > zeon light o88 https://zeonlight.bandcamp.com/album/tysta-flykten

Isorinne > zeon light o87

Tsantsa > zeon light o81

albin > zeon light o8o

”pretentious music for pretentious people”



4 years + 4 new tapes

Zeon Light releases 4 new tapes and celebrating 4 years smuggled cassettes into your hypnotic mind.

Slagg – Djurens karneval zeon light 079

Elin Franzén returns with her 2nd tape on Zeon Light. Less field, more music.

Blod – Exotic Sounds zeon light 086

Blod is the genius of Gustaf Dicksson (Höga Nord, OMLOTT). Tapeloops, flea market founds. Soon releasing album on Järtecknet.

Drömjournalen – In Visione Som En Eld I Stenkol zeon light 082

Drömjournalen is a two-man collaboration housed by the legendary Studio Chanslös in Gårda, Gothenburg. Their mix of Magische Sachlichkeit and Dark Wave engages non-duality, mathematic ecology,

and ready-at-hand psychonautic machinery. Drömjournalen is the limbonic domain connecting the rationalist engineering paradigm with spiritual or magical esoterism.

The main rehearsal line-up consists of digital synthesizer, electric guitar, speech synthesis and programmed beats. Drömjournalen utilizes a diverse flora of looping tools, mainly serial looping pedals connected to every sound source.

Although Drömjournalen is designed to be a live outfit, studio postproduction is also a creative component in the Drömjournalen aesthetic ecology.

Coldnose zeon light 083

Jin Botani is one part of Jin&Daun. As Coldnose she shows her more fancy side. Dirty acid magic beats.

A birthday card from Zeon Light Kassett

As becoming 4 years old we asked some of our friends to share a tune or two. So they did. 27 lovely songs free to download and make your own mixtape for your walkman.

You can find unheard songs from acts like Differnet, Motormännen, Testbild! Erik de Vahl, Tentakel, Chicagojazzen, Most Valuable Players and more!