4 (5) fresh cassettes!

Yes, now you can order 4 (5) new tapes with that ZEON LIGHT-sign.

Zeon Light 005 (c20) is a split with the synthetic wonderboy Fluorescent Heights that just keep on releasing tropical drones from heaven. On the b-side you can find 3 tracks from swedish Saigon that makes something completley different and it´s hard to describe their music cause the three songs sounds very different. Well, it´s killer. 6$

Zeon Light oo6 is the newie from Alan Hansen – I Vilddjurets Blick (c15) that gives some kosmishe arppop. 5$


oo7 is Oliwa – Panamerican (c30). Oliwa hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and on this tape you can have some heavy spacesynth with Vangelis as a friend in kosmos. Well, you can see the movie in front of you. Just perfect stuff! 6$

The french gentlemen Mascara Snake and his tape Lonely as a cloud (c30) is Zeon Light oo8. Here we got 9 tracks of pure beauty. Mostly there is just a voice and a guitar even if you can find some sound effcts here and then. Amazing tape. 6$

And don´t you forget the lovely (also new) cassingle from NATTEN. Something like a discodrone? Do NOT miss. 5$

How to order those goodies then? Just write a mail to urberget741 [@] gmail.com


And first of all: take a sneaky listen at our Soundcloud HERE. 5 Tracks of true Zeon Light. 


Holy new tape year!

The lazyness is off and new tapes is to be dubbed!

Zeon Light have some lovely stuff in the pipeline. Be ready for this: the french mastermind Mascara Snake, a split from Stockholms finest Saigon and Fluorescent Heights, something weirdo from legendary Paddington DC, a synthetic spectrum from Alan Hansen and some classic space from Buenos Aires Oliwa. Just to mention a few things. So please dance the night away and spread the word!


Folks! Time to order!

Now we must pull ourselves together and get these nice tunes to the people. It was supposed to be four but it was three to begin with. Zeon Light presents NATTEN, Fluorescent Heights and Alan Hansen. Buy them separately or together as a beautiful kit.

NATTEN – Psykonauten Zeon Light ool NATTEN is playing sad, danceable psykonautdisko. When you are listening to NATTEN you tend to forget all your demands. You just want to float away.

mp3: NATTEN – Hatet

Fluorescent Heights – Highway Death Zeon Light oo2 The project of Henrik Stelzer. Influenced by the suspense atmospherics of worn out horror movies and those hazy family beach memories he crafts foggy drone pads and shimmering harmonic synth loops. Fluorescent Heights is also releasing a 12″ on danish label Subsuburban.

mp3: Fluorescent Heights – Highway Death

Alan Hansen – Torrid Zone Zeon Light oo3 Alan Hansen is the new monicker for Joakim Granlund (Urberget, aalto, Soaring Skylark). After releasing 2 Urberget CS on Ingen Våg kassetter Granlund was looking for something new. he is born in the 70´s and therefore totally inspiried by the sounds of the 80´s. As big fat synthesizers, Jan Hammer, Phil Collins and the harmonic forest.

mp3: Alan Hansen – Bäckaled


All tapes: 8$ / 50 sek / 6 euro includes p & p

If you want all of them: 22 $ / 130 sek / 15 euro p & p

Mail urberget741 [@] gmail.com for more info.