Oliwa / Rituals [zeon light 017]

Right now were spending our time in the woods drinking beer and watching football but we just have to inform you about the new cassette from the genius from Buenos Aires, OLIWA. We just love this guy and his work with the synthesizers. And as we are in the woods there is no tapes dubbed yet but we want you to hear this masterpiece so we share it to you guys in a boring digital form first. And the psychical real one is done in a couple of weeks.

So, get a grip on this beauty now on our Bandcamp and DO NOT MISS that you now can download almost every release for free!

Holy new tape year!

The lazyness is off and new tapes is to be dubbed!

Zeon Light have some lovely stuff in the pipeline. Be ready for this: the french mastermind Mascara Snake, a split from Stockholms finest Saigon and Fluorescent Heights, something weirdo from legendary Paddington DC, a synthetic spectrum from Alan Hansen and some classic space from Buenos Aires Oliwa. Just to mention a few things. So please dance the night away and spread the word!