Zeon_Light_Skiva 002_NATTEN

A couple of weeks ago Zeon Light Skiva released NATTEN Dolce Vita (ZLS_002).

nattenPsykonautdisko, that is how the band NATTEN describes their music, a combination of Psychedelia, Kraut and Disco with a dark and mysterious Swedish touch.

And for sure it´s some kinda of Disco with a steady drumbeat and throbbing bass lines.

On top of that layers of synthezisers and hypnotizing horns.

NATTEN means The Night in Swedish, and as the name refers to and esthetical the band is attracted to the dark realms of this world and the unknown places. Which is perfectly visualized in the two latest videos from Dolce Vita.

NATTEN are from Stockholm and have been around since 2010. The core of members is Robin Donaire, Beats & Electronics, Fredrik Adolfsson, Keyboards & Synthezisers, Jan Sydolf, Bass and Arvid Lärksäter on Trumpet & Saxophone. And for this record they have invited Wendy Akoth Kasera, Tove Rhodinder and Nadine Schjölin on vocals for some of the tracks.



Psykonauten 2011

Ödet och Frank Dux 2012

Evela 2012

Dhalion 2013

Dolce Vita 2016

Ok cowboys! Order Zeon Light 004

So, NATTEN has done it again. Made some fantastic songs. This time it’s about two songs. Danceable darkness aka psykonautdisco. Zeon Light is so proud that we release it on cassette single. Side A: Ödet and Frank Dux (6:19), side B: Morgondagens barn (7:06). Both pieces are of course fantastic and the cassette  format add another dimensions! So buy the cassette. 40 skr / $ 7 (pp included). And thanks to Andreas for the lovely cover!

Take a listen and dance yourself mad: Ödet och Frank Dux