erik de vahl – 121012 (zeon light 024)

We are extremley proud presenting this release. Erik De Vahl has always been one of our swedish faves and when he said that he was interested in releasing a cassette it felt like: ok, we can quit this now. But we carry on some more time and then we´ll see.

The cassette will see it´s light next week and it contains 9 songs in different length and style.

You can order it today: 50 skr or 10$ postage included. Just mail urberget741 [@]

Take a listen to the last song on the tape. A true beauty and here is some words about it:

A few words about the sample:
We visited a church i Charleston a couple of years ago when we were travelling with Pastors For Peace from New York to Cuba. I recorded this choir that sang at one of our events to raise aid to break the embargo. I didn’t do anything with it for a couple of years but now I’ve finally finished it.

The trip through USA was important to me and I felt that I understood the world a bit better after seeing the parts of USA that usually are not shown on TV back home. We were travelling in an old school bus together with a gang of young liberation theologians from Harlem and we visited the community-organizers in New Orleans one year after the flood. We saw a lot of poverty and anger in USA but the whole trip really made me believe in humanity again. Unlike the US citizens we travelled with we didn’t have to take the humiliation they got to face in the customs when travelling back to their homeland. A couple of years before the busses had actually got shot at in Miami by a state-founded organization.

I hope I’ll get the another possibility to visit both USA and Cuba again. / Erik De Vahl


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